Haley's Body Shop Will Repair Your Collision Damage Quickly

Haley's Body Shop Will Repair Your Collision Damage Quickly

We specialize in auto body repair work in Texarkana, TX

Since 1966, Haley's Body Shop has been offering all kinds of collision repair services to area drivers. Whether you're dealing with a minor dent or severe structural damage, you can feel confident bringing your car to our auto body repair shop in Texarkana, Texas.

Our certified technicians will fix your car ASAP. Call 903-831-4656 today to make an appointment.

Have auto body repair questions? We've got answers.

If you're like many of our Texarkana, TX customers, you're probably wondering...

  • "How will you fix my car?" Our experienced crew will replace damaged parts, realign your tires and restore the suspension to factory specifications. We'll use state-of-the-art equipment, including Hunter Engineering wheel alignment machines, to repair all structural damage.
  • "Will the new paint match my car?" Yes. We use advanced paint matching software and low-VOC waterborne paint to ensure that the repaired area blends seamlessly with undamaged sections.
  • "Can you speak with my claims adjuster?" Absolutely, one of our estimators would be happy to provide an estimate.

Do you have other questions about our collision repair services? You might find our FAQ page helpful. Contact us to learn more.